Ben Kirman


Audiences of the future, spectatorship and esports (2019)

Weavr is a major collaborative project funded by the UK Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, Audience of the Future programme (£4m). It is led by industry partners ESL, and is looking at immersive technology for spectators of large sporting events. The consortium includes us at York, and amazing industry partners dock10, Cybula, Focal Point VR, REWIND and Future Visual.

WEAVR at ESL One Birmingham 2019

The focus of Weavr is on esports, and in particular Dota 2. Esports are particularly interesting as a fast-moving domain, where audiences engage in different ways (streaming, live at events, mobile, etc etc), and as they are digital, there are also a ton of ways to integrate directly with what is happening during the match by accessing rich live data.

There is a lot going on in this project, from virtual studio tech to 360 live video, VR and mobile tools. The work at York is led by Florian Block, and we have a great team of researchers working on developing and experimenting with different aspects of the project, doing a lot of work on personalisation, prediction and modelling, automatic caption/story generation, and spectator experience both in person at events and remotely.

It is such an exciting project because of this diversity, and although the focus is currently on esports, it is extremely clear how findings can apply to a much wider variety of sports events. We're really only scratching the surface in this project but it has been incredible to see how much interesting work has been possible in such a short time through the project.

WEAVR app screenshots showing stats from Dota 2 match

My role has been in working with researchers in study design and analysis, working on understanding user experience and qualitative studies of esports audiences. It has really been particularly fascinating to visit various esports events and speak to audiences, broadcasters/streamers, teams, and really get to grips with what esports mean to so many people.

There is a load more information on the Weavr website, plus the mobile companion is available on app stores, and following official ESL Dota 2 streams you will likely see Weavr tech used in broadcast and analysis.

Photos: K.Eyre | Weavr |


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