Ben Kirman


I've been very fortunate to work with many brilliant scholars and designers, and have published a wide variety of things related to gameful/playful/critical/radical/weird design and analysis. I don't find the categories meaningful, so the list includes journal and conference papers, book chapters, workshop papers, magazine articles and other stuff. Everything below has been peer-reviewed and published in the respective venue. Most of the files are available freely via the links, a few are embargoed or held hostage by publishers. If you have any questions, requests, or ideas for collaborations, let me know.


  • Charles Ringer, Sondess Missaoui, Victoria J. Hodge, Alan Pedrassoli Chitayat, Athanasios Kokkinakis, Sagarika Patra, Simon Peter Demediuk, Alvaro Caceres Munoz, Olu Olarewaju, Marian Ursu, Ben Kirman, Jonathan David Hook, Florian Oliver Block, Anders Drachen, and James Alfred Walker (2023) Time to Die 2: Improved In-Game Death Prediction in Dota 2. in Machine Learning With Applications (12). Elsevier.




  • Nicholas Glover, Kerry Knox, Ben Kirman, Matthew Topham, Katylily Westbury-Hawkins, Penelope Holland (2020) Catastrophic co-production: A student-staff partnership for developing an educational game. in International Journal for Students as Partners, 4 (2)
  • Oluseyi Olarewaju, Athanasios V. Kokkinakis, Simon Demediuk, Justus Roberstson, Isabelle Nölle, Sagarika Patra, Daniel Slawson, Alan P. Chitayat, Alistair Coates, Ben Kirman, Anders Drachen, Marian Ursu, Florian Block and Jonathan Hook (2020) Automatic Generation of Text for Match Recaps using Esport Caster Commentaries. In Proceedings of 6th International Conference on Natural Language Computing (NATL) 2020. Virtual.
  • Athanasios Kokkinakis, Simon Demediuk, Isabelle Nölle, Oluseyi Olarewaju, Sagarika Patra, Justus Robertson, Alan Chitayat, Alistair Coates, Daniel Slawson, Peter Hughes, Nicolas Hardie, Ben Kirman, Jonathan Hook, Anders Drachen, Marian Ursu and Florian Block (2020) DAX: Data-Driven Audience Experiences in Esports. In Proceedings of ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experience (IMX) 2020. Virtual. (Best Paper Award)
  • Oliver Bates, Carolynne Lord, Hayley Alter, and Ben Kirman (2020)  Let’s start talking the walk: Capturing and reflecting on our limits when working with gig economy workers. In Proceedings of Sixth ACM Workshop on Computing within Limits (LIMITS 2020). Virtual.
  • Robb Mitchell, Enrique Encinas, and Ben Kirman (2020) Social Icebreakers Everywhere: A Day In The Life. In Proceedings of The 18th European (Virtual) Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (ECSCW 2020). Siegen, Germany.
  • Alan Chitayat, Athanasios Kokkinakis, Sagarika Patra, Simon Demediuk, Justus Robertson, Oluseyi Olarewaju, Marian Ursu, Ben Kirman, Jonathan Hook, Florian Block, and Anders Drachen (2020) WARDS: Modelling the Worth of Vision in MOBAs. In Intelligent Computing: Proceedings of the 2020 Computing Conference Volume 2 (pp 63-81). Springer.
  • Ben Kirman, Conor Linehan, and Shaun Lawson (2020) What's Your Problem with the Dog Internet? CHI EA '20: Extended Abstracts of the 2020 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. (Virtual)
  • Ben Kirman, Alan Chitayat, Alistair Coates, Simon Demediuk, Isabelle Nölle, Oluseyi Olarewaju, Sagarika Patra, Justus Robertson, Daniel Slawson, Athanasios Kokkinakis, Peter York, Nicolas Hardie, Peter Hughes, Florian Block, Anders Drachen, Jon Hook, and Marian Ursu. Weavr Companion App: Data-driven Storytelling for Live Esports Events. In Proceedings of SEEGames Workshop on Spectator Experience in Gaming and eSports. 2020 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. (Virtual)



  • Daniel Pargman, Elina Eriksson, Rob Comber, Ben Kirman, and Oliver Bates (2018). The futures of computing and wisdom. (Workshop) In Proceedings of the 10th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (NordiCHI '18). Oslo, Norway.
  • Ben Kirman, Conor Linehan and Shaun Lawson (2018) Reorienting Geolocation Data through Mischievous Design. In Mark Blythe and Andrew Monk (Eds) Funology 2: From Usability to Enjoyment. Springer.
  • Ben Kirman, Joe Lindley, Mark Blythe, Paul Coulton, Shaun Lawson, Conor Linehan, Deborah Maxwell, Dan O’Hara, Miriam Sturdee and Vanessa Thomas (2018). Playful Research Fiction: A Fictional Conference. In Mark Blythe and Andrew Monk (Eds) Funology 2: From Usability to Enjoyment. Springer.
  • Tom Feltwell, Shaun Lawson, Enrique Encinas, Conor Linehan, Ben Kirman, Deborah Maxwell, Tom Jenkins and Stacey Kuznetsov (2018) "Grand Visions" for Post-Capitalist Human-Computer Interaction (Workshop). Proceedings of Extended Abstracts of the ACM SIGCHI conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2018). Montréal, Quebec.











≤ 2007

  • Sean Casey, Ben Kirman, and Duncan Rowland (2007) The gopher game: a social, mobile locative game with user generated content and peer review. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology (ACE). Salzburg, Austria.
  • Ben Kirman and Duncan Rowland (2006) Familiars: social gaming with PASION. In Proceedings of the International Games Design and Technology Workshop and Conference (GDTW). Liverpool, UK.
  • Ben Kirman and Abdennour El Rhalibi (2004) A Riot Control Mechanism for Games. In Proceedings of the International Games Design and Technology Workshop and Conference (GDTW). Liverpool, UK.


  • CHI 2019: Co-Chair, alt.CHI
  • CHI 2018: Co-Chair, alt.CHI
  • NordiCHI 2018: Co-Chair, Future Scenarios
  • DIS 2018: Associate Chair, Papers & Notes
  • ACI 2018: Member of Steering Committee
  • NordiCHI 2018: Associate Chair, Papers
  • CHI PLAY 2017: Juror, Spotlight Papers
  • DIS 2017: Associate Chair, Papers & Notes
  • FCDFF 2016: Conference Co-Chair
  • GROUP 2016: Associate Chair, Papers & Notes
  • British HCI 2015: Co-Chair, Position Papers
  • CHI PLAY 2014: Social Media Co-Chair
  • British HCI 2014: Co-Chair, Short Papers

Invited Talks/Events

  • Presenter, panellist on Interactive Storytelling at Northern Digital Storytelling Festival 2023 (Online).
  • "Dog Internet Pub Quiz" - with Conor Linehan and Shaun Lawson, part of Uroboros Design Festival. May 2021, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague, Czech (online)
  • Discussion with students on Critical Theory of Media and Informatics, Hosted by Katta Spiel. April 2020, Technische Universität Wien (Online)
  • "Weirding Games" - Opening Keynote of Lincoln Games Research Symposium, November 2017
  • "Bot Concepts" - Panel as part of Virtual Futures Salon, 2016, London.
  • "Uncomfortable Games" - Pint of Science 2016, York.
  • "How to Radicalise your Mobile Phone" - BCS Computer Arts Society, 2016, London.
  • "Playful Clusters in Social Games" - Keynote at Games Convention Online 2010, Leipzig.

External Examination

  • Undergraduate (programme) - Northumbria University
  • MSc (Research) - University of Lincoln, University of Cape Town
  • PhD/MPhil - Liverpool John Moores, Queensland University of Technology, University of Sussex, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Newcastle University, Lancaster University, University College London