Hello, my name is Dr Ben Kirman and I’m a Lecturer in Interactive Media in the Department of Theatre, Film and Television at the University of York in the UK, and member of the Digital Creativity Labs. I was formerly a Senior Lecturer in Game Design within the Lincoln Social Computing Research Centre (LiSC) at the University of Lincoln.

I specialise in the design and implementation of interactive playful experiences that interfere with the edges of technology, culture and sensibility. I’m interested in the application of playful design to create radical, unusual and challenging social and locative experiences in ways that are critical, magical, irreverent and, most importantly, fun. I especially like working on projects about social justice, Animal-Computer Interaction, location-based games, social games and twitter bots. I’m a fan of using speculative design, design fiction, critical design, adversarial design and other buzzwords about design.

As a believer in research through design, my work leans towards things rather than words – the projects page contains a good overview of recent work – however I have published lots of words in the fields of Human-Computer Interaction and Games Studies. My work, especially the weirder stuff, has often been covered by traditional media, including the BBC, New Scientist, Wired, The Guardian, TIME, Metro, the New York Times, the Lincolnshire Echo and even Your Cat magazine.

I’m also on Twitter.