Ben Kirman


This page is an intermittently updated summary of what I'm currently up to, and where my efforts are currently directed. It is based on Now pages, and the .plan files from back in the day. It is not meant to be a complete summary, just a little note.

Last updated 10/1/22


  • Working on supporting PlayOn! partners with their new immersive theatre productions. There are some super cool things ongoing that I look forward to sharing later in the year - most productions will be on stage in summer/autumn.
  • Developing (with Oliver Bates) the card game output of Switch Gig and the sister project Flip Gig.
  • Currently speaking to people interested in studying games PhDs in the IGGI CDT (deadline Jan '22)


  • Finished another year of the Y3 option Mobile Interaction with our IM students. Another great year with some sound projects.
  • Research leave (for PlayOn) from Jan - Mar, then I'll be doing the project prep module for Y2s from April.
  • From September I'm looking forward to teaching on IGGI


  • Got a Bangle.js 2 Espruino watch - my first smart watch. Trying to think of neat things to do with it. It is ace, I like tinkering with it.
  • Finally, after 3 years, hit 500 in a Portsmouth round with Olympic Recurve (current PB 512).
  • End of year board game roundup is 467 plays of 193 different games, (122 new to me), in just 5 places!
  • Finished a bunch of challenges during 2021, including 10x10 (10 games played 10 times each): 6 Nimmt!, Can't Stop, Draftosaurus, Kingdom Builder, MicroMacro: Crime City, Pandemic Legacy: Season 0, Tiger Leader, Warfighter Shadow War, Warfighter WWII, and Zombie Teenz Evolution. And Trek 12 makes it 11x10!
  • Finished the 10xDecade challenge, where I play 10 games from 10 years ago. I played A Blood Red Banner, Castles of Burgundy, Dungeon Petz, Flash Point: Fire Rescue, Hawaii, Kingdom Builder, Martian Dice, Revolver, Skull and Taekonoko. All those games were released in 2011. Some have aged better than others.
  • Playing and enjoying Megaquarium, MicroMacro, Hitman 3, and Football Manager 22. Tried to play Outer Wilds but it makes me nauseous :(